Our RIA Services

Frazier, Browne and Mayer, LLC, the providers of Investors Monitor, offers the following research, marketing communications, and client acquisition services to registered investment advisors:

  • Advisors’ Monthly: A monthly investment journal that provides a succinct analysis of factors and developments that are likely to impact the future direction of the worldwide financial markets and the values of investors’ portfolios, and securities recommendations for three model portfolios: A Growth & Income Portfolio, a Fixed-Income Portfolio, and an ETF/ETN Portfolio.A subscription to Advisors’ Monthly includes complete access to our historical database of more than 100 economic and fundamental indicators dating back to the year 1918, eight technical and investor sentiment indicators dating back 1986, and our proprietary financial market indicators dating back to 1969.
  • Client Communication Services: Investment commentaries, written in an easy-to-understand manner and without a lot of Wall Street jargon, that help RIAs to keep their clients abreast of significant developments in the worldwide financial markets and the positioning of their investment portfolios.
  • RIA Listing and Referral Services: A listing and referral service that helps registered investment advisors to identify and market their services to prospective clients. Unlike other RIA listing services, we provide detailed information on registered investment advisory firms that meet our advisory and portfolio management criteria, including a brief description of the services offered by those firms and a concise description of those firms’ investment methodology, securities selection process and portfolio management strategies.
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