Our Money Manager Services

Frazier, Browne and Mayer, LLC, the providers of Investors Monitor, offers the following research, marketing communications, and client acquisition services to hedge funds and other institutional money managers:

  • Frazier, Browne and Mayer’s Global Profit Monitor: A monthly research journal that provides a succinct analysis of worldwide economic, financial market and geopolitical developments, as well as an analysis of the recent trading action in the world’s major financial markets and a review of stocks, exchange-traded funds (“ETFs) and exchange-traded notes (“ETNs”) that appear to offer the potential for substantial returns. A subscription to Frazier, Browne and Mayer’s Global Profit Monitor includes access, via the Internet, to our historical database of more than 100 economic and fundamental indicators dating back to the year 1918, eight technical and investor sentiment indicators dating back 1986, and our proprietary financial market indicators dating back to 1969.
  • Equity Research Reports: Analytical reports that review and discuss any given company’s products and services; its key customers; significant developments; management team; management and institutional transactions in the company’s stock; financial condition, cash flows, operating results, and other key financial metrics; recent trading action in the company’s common stock; key reasons to buy, avoid, sell or sell short the company’s stock; and our projections for the level and direction of the company’s stock for the ensuing 3-18 months.
  • Client Communication Services: Quarterly, semiannual and annual investment commentaries that review and discuss our institutional clients’ investment holdings and performance results, written in an easy-to-understand manner and without a lot of Wall Street jargon.
  • Client Acquisition Services: Referral services that help small hedge funds and other money managers to market their services to qualified high-net-worth investors who’ve expressed an interest in investing in hedge funds.

Customized Research Services
In addition to the services outlined above, we offer customized research and analytical services to meet the varied needs of hedge funds and other money managers. Call us at 561-401-9207, or email us at research@FrazierandMayer.com, for more information about those services.

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