Our Financial Market Educational Services

In an effort to help registered investment advisors and money managers to better educate their clients, we offer the following services to individual financial market participants:

  • Financial Market Seminars: Instructional conferences that show stock market investors, speculators and traders how to maximize their returns and limit their risks during both bull and bear markets.
  • Palm Beach County Investment Club: An informal free-membership club, with monthly gatherings, where we show financial market investors, speculators and traders how to avoid the big downturns and to profit from the major upturns in the financial markets, and to invest in the right asset classes, economic sectors and individual securities at the most favorable times. Additionally, we show fixed-income investors how to generate substantially higher yields than they can earn from CDs, corporate bonds, and Treasury securities. And, we show short-term traders how to generate a 10%-20% return on stocks in periods of less than 60 days, without taking undue risks.

For persons seeking personal financial market investment advice, we provide referrals to registered investment advisors that meet our stringent money-management and investment advisory criteria.

And, at our Internet web site, we provide links to other sources of financial market information, a description of the economic cycle and how different financial sectors tend to perform during different stages of the economic cycle, and a list of recommended books on investing, speculating and trading in the financial markets.